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Paintings and drawings by Eloy Torrez

Photographs by Juliane Backmann

at the Chicano Resource Center at the East Los Angeles Library


A note from the artists:


I used to think that the themes of my paintings reflect the times we live in. The more I have come to understand the complexities, the more I realize that the things I assumed have changed really stay the same.

With the constant flux of developments, especially of recent time, fueled by observation and internalizing I can’t help but to comment on them from a personal perspective, examining individual human stories.

Eloy Torrez


In preparation for some photo assignments for the Los Angeles Times Magazine I read works by Sesshu Foster and Salvador Placencia before taking their portraits. Years later Daniel Olivas asked to use one of Eloy Torrez’ paintings for a book cover and of course I had to read his collection of short stories.

The process of reading and then translating the experience visually for their portraits intrigued me and it enticed me to search for more writers who drew me into their literary worlds. These portraits try to open a visual window into these worlds surrounding the authors.

Juliane Backmann